We believe that the 3.5 billion underprivileged should have the ability to leverage modern communications and financial services in order to become economically independent and thus eradicate poverty and hunger, resulting in hope for the future.

We believe that providing direct communications beyond their own physical horizon will free them up and let them thrive economically, socially and physically, and become fully self-sustainable citizens of the global community (“don’t give those in need a fish, rather a fishing net and teach them how to use it”).

To accelerate the development of the people at the base of the pyramid access to an infrastructure to communicate with peers and others in a simple manner is key. This would also be the base for a solid electronic banking system; all this at ultra low-costs and everywhere on earth. Even in the most remote areas.

the worldwide ultra low cost communications
and financial transaction system that will activate 3 billion underprivileged people in this world

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The benbenet team has designed a ubiquitous infrastructure that enables underprivileged people to access basic telecommunication services. In its start phase it supports texting and well-secured financial transactions. This infrastructure will be built with existing technologies and some smart innovations. benbenet is open to all communities, governments and service providers.

The benbenet ecosystem facilitates an unlimited number of business models. Its initial focus is on texting, financial transactions and disaster recovery, thus enabling communication, financial inclusion and the development of literacy skills. Supporting business cases may be early warning (weather, tsunami, conflicts), information campaigns (health, security), sensor-based communications

(crop, water) and community-based communications. As benbenet, we will activate a low cost, open network infrastructure as an entry-level communications eco-system so that the underprivileged will have no-to-none entry barriers to leverage the global information community including access to financial transaction and accounting services.

the system