Happy Easter!

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Dear visitors, happy Easter to all of you and thank you for your support!
Did you know we have added new places? We will post pictures and landmarks here asap :) Hugs from all of us!

Friendly reminder

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Friendly reminder.. as you know vampires are very welcome at our island BUT.. no random bite requests to our guests. It is no fun when you come and get a few requests thrown at you. Just talk or role play first. We want everyone to have fun and clicking several requests away is not our idea of fun :) Have a great time ♥

Flowers.. sea.. and romance!

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All you need to have a great time! New at Java Island.. a romantic relax area near the sea, with beautiful flowers.. come and check it out! Have a great time ♥


Affiliate changes JI Fashion

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On 8/2/2011 I will disable all affiliate / commission HIPPO vendors. It will be replaced with another system which imho works much better. When all is done i will announce it in here. To be continued :) Huggies!!

Work work work :)

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FYI: As of today we will add and change things, move builds around, dig holes…. So watch your step ;) )) Sorry for the inconvenience but its time to improve!
Have a great day ♥

A new sim for Java Island!

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It all happened very fast, not as planned, but sometimes u have to grab the moment! We moved Java Island to 2hearts in a couple of hours today! We were working on 2hearts but not finished though. It has a much better setup and it is brand new. We think this will reduce the lag we use to have at the 5 year old previous sim.

It will not be a copy of Java Island as we wanted things to change. At some point i did not feel it was my home anymore. I have been working on the island for 5 years and i see a lot of people enjoying it. This is basically why we all kept it going but since a few months i had enough of how things are. I could not move or work when there were a lot of people. We tried everything we could to reduce lag but it seems it was never enough. So we decided to go for a brand new sim and a new setup!

I heard some of our visitors were angry and disapointed, we are sorry but sometimes things go not the way you planned. And yes it looks different and not all the old things will be added again, they also caused us lag and its time to change. Besides those who have been at Java Island since 2007 seen the changes we made throughout the years. It is an ungoing process which will make the place better! That is the plan though lololol.

We are not finished decorating yet so bare with us while we build and move things around :) )) Sowwy if your going to fall or get hit by a prim :) We want to say a hugggge THANK YOU to ALL who helped us with shops, donations, ads, feedback and kind words!! Ohhhhh and we have 2 group only areas now! One for Love is in the air and one for 2hearts! Yezzz naughty group land ;) We hope a lot of residents will find love and happiness at the new and improved Java Island, that’s why we are still here! Huggies and see you at http://slurl.com/secondlife/2hearts/82/83/26

2 new items at JI Fashion!

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• Exclusive Design – Summer Sweet sets in Blue, Sea, Red, Lime and Pink! A girly sexy set for the summer! Top with ruffles and hot pants.
• :: AvAtaRZ :: Rose ::  Sexy & Sweet Avatar. A complete set so you look exactly like the avatar in the picture.

New at JI fashion! Ragged smexy Mini dress

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It is super sexy due to it’s see through fabric. The picture is the new mini dress in Sweet Pink!

It has a re-size skirt (by script and it is modify\copy). Other colors: Black, Pink and White (beige). Here is the slurl to the main store where they are waiting for you! http://slurl.com/secondlife/Java%20Island/212/81/31

New Vampire hangout!

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Dark, bloody and cozy.. Java Underground is now a perfect spot for all of you who luv the smell of blood :) Enjoy!


Staff Java Island

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Oh yez… Java Island has a few staff members. People who dedicate their time and money to make Java Island possible for all residents to enjoy. Unfortunately, sometimes visitors suggest they work or own this island. It happens everywhere in SL as you cannot check things so easily. Especially if your new in SL. But.. if they are not named Duck, Gregory, Amy2009, Yalenka or me then assume they do not work for Java Island :) If your not sure, please ask Duck. Have a great day ♥